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Privacy Policy

We are looking forward to your visit at alimdi. We collects and uses your personal data according to the rules of the German Teleservices Act and exclusively within the framework of the data privacy laws of the German Federal Republic. In the following alimdi will advise you of the type, extent and purpose of the collection and use of personal data.

Data communication and recording for intrasystem and statistical purposes

Your internet browser for technical reasons automatically conveys data to our web server With each visit to our website. Among other things this involves date and time of the access, the URL of the referencing web page, accessed pages, bulk of sent data, browser type and version, operating system as well as your IP address etc. These data are stored separately from other data and it is impossible for us to assign these data to a specific person. Alimdi exclusively uses these data for statistical purposes and they are deleted after having been evaluated.

Collection, processing and use of personal data

Personal data such as first and last name, address, e-mail, telephone number etc. are only collected by alimdi, if you voluntarily provide them while registering or in conducting transactions on our web page. These data are stored by alimdi for use of the photo data bank, the acquisition of user rights to the photo material offered there and in order to invoice services to you. In case of credit card payments you have to additionally provide data for your card. These are not stored by alimdi and are only used for this singular transaction.

For the purpose of advertising and for the need-based design of our web site we collect user profiles while applying pseudonyms. These user profiles may not be merged with the personal data of the pseudonym by alimdi. You have the right to protest this usage of your data.

Web Analytics Cookies  

The web analytics tool “Piwik” is used on all of alimdi’s websites. Piwik uses so-called text files stored on your computer known as “cookies” in order to analyse activity on the website. The information about your activity on the website generated by the cookie is then saved onto our server in Germany. This information will not be transferred to any third parties.

Being able to track user activity in this way is crucial, as it serves to anonymously analyse content demands in order to optimize the choices made available to users.  Piwik allows us to gather real-time data concerning:

•    Date
•    Statistics of user activity on the site
•    Time spent on the website
•    Browsers used and your plug-ins as well as your browser version
•    Operating system
•    Statistics of new and recurrent visitors
•    Referring source
•    Target conversation rate
•    Search engines used
•    Search terms used
•    Languages used
•    Visitor origin according to country
•    Referrer URL
•    Visit duration
•    Start pages
•    Exit pages
•    Cancellation rate
•    Anonymous IP address, as required by the Landeszentrum für Datenschutz (Independent Centre for Data Protection)

The Piwik analysis tool we use renders all IP addresses anonymous immediately after they are processed and before they are saved. This ensures that there is no potential to link the address with the identity of an Internet user. Additionally, the IP addresses are shortened to display only the last two octets (the last two combinations of numbers separated by a period in your IP address) before they are used to analyse user behaviour. Your IP address will be used in this form only (and, therefore, without referencing your personal information) in order to conduct a general geolocalisation, during which your country of origin and Internet provider will be detected and saved. The data collected by Piwik will not be linked to or matched with data concerning customer accounts, order information, or license agreements. This analytics tool functions by enabling a cookie to be saved onto your terminal device as “Persistent Cookie” after you have ended your visit to the website. The cookie will be enabled by the domain “” and has the name: _pk_id.12345 (the number is different for each cookie). The cookie has a lifespan of several weeks and enables not only the recognition of users who have already visited the site previously, but also the anonymous analysis of activity on the website. For example, this allows us to see the site you used to access the website, as well as the “click path” you chose (indicating which pages of you visited and for how long). In addition, we can also evaluate which files users downloaded as well as how many times they downloaded them.  Within the scope of the web analysis, we have absolutely no interest in assessing how any individual uses the website, but we are interested in learning about general user activity; what they like as well as which possible errors need to be attended to in order to avoid directing visitors to a blank or incorrect page. We will use the gathered data to assist in adapting and optimising our services in accordance with user activity. An additional so-called session cookie with the file name: _pk_ses.12345 (the number is different for each cookie) will also be enabled, and it will be deleted after the end of each session. This cookie does not allow us to access personal information. The cookies will be used for the purposes of creating user statistics that are not directly linked to personal information (“user profiles with pseudonyms”). You have the right to object the use of your data in this way, and you can exercise this right by doing the following:

Right to object: You can prevent the analysis of your user activity by disabling cookies in your browser from the domain and making an exception in the browser (in Firefox, for example). However, we would like to point out that this might prevent you from being able to use all of the website’s functions to their full capacity. Please consult the help function, if needed, to find out how to change the settings in your browser. You may of course remove the above-mentioned cookies in specific instances or periodically in order to delete your tracking information. You also have the option of enabling a block cookie or opt-out cookie to prevent any type of user analysis in the future.  You can enable an opt-out cookie by clicking on the link shown below. As long as you do not delete this cookie, your user activity will not be analysed. Please be aware that actively deleting the cookies in your browser at a later time will also remove the opt-out cookies, which may mean having to reactivate the cookie. Once you have activated the opt-out cookie, you will be notified of this and then be given the option to change your settings to allow web analysis for this website again.


Disclosure of personal data

A disclosure of your data to third parties takes place only to the extent, in which this is necessary for the completion and processing of the agreement. A disclosure to further third parties without your consent only takes place as long as this is legally decreed and permitted.

Use of cookies

In order to expand the function of our web page and in order to offer the operation in a customer-friendly and comfortable way we use so-called ‚cookies’. Only the help of ‚cookies’ enables alimdi to offer you certain functions. Among others these are welcoming with your user name, light box, shopping cart and additional comfort functions.

Many ‚cookies’ are immediately deleted from the hard disk after closing the internet browser. Others remain stored on the hard disk of your computer and enable us to recognize your PC at its next visit with us .

You have the option, to prevent the storage of cookies on your computer by according settings on your internet browser. This, however, significantly limits our web page resp. some functions are no longer available.

Data security

Alimdi conveys your personal data in encoded form via a code protocol. Our internet page and additional technical systems are secured by means of suitable technical and organisational means against any access by unauthorised persons. The access to your personal data and our photo data bank are only possible after entering a password.

Alimdi’s online offer can contain links to other web sites. We have no impact on whether their operator complies with the data protection regulations, so that we cannot accept any liability for that.

Access right

You have the right as user of our web page to the information about the stored data about yourself as well as a right to the correction, blockage or deletion of these data. In this case please turn to:

(State of 03/25/2009)


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