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1. What are cookies?
2. How does alimdi use cookies?
3. What types of cookies does alimdi use?

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to your browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) while you are visiting a website and is stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies are used to identify your browser and thereby enable you to use important website features. Cookies are not programs and therefore cannot do any harm to your PC.

2. How does alimdi use cookies?

We use cookies to ...

... to identify you as visitor of our website (anonymously)
... save search settings (language, filter, etc. )

Without the use of cookies, important website features are not available or only to a limited extent. Cookies can therefore help us to provide you with greater convenience, even if you do not have a customer account. In addition, cookies enable us to analyse your visit to our website (anonymously and in a non-personally identifiable manner) and thereby improve the usability of our website. 

3. What types of cookies does alimdi use?

We use two types of cookies, namely "session cookies" and "persistent cookies." Session cookies exist only during your visit to our website and are deleted once you leave the site. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, are stored on your PC for a specific period of time when you are visiting the alimdi website. At alimdi, it can be between 60 minutes and 365 days and they will be removed when the expiration date has been reached.

Our cookies we use


Name Type Purpose Lifespan
PHPSESSID Session cookie Active session are stored only for as long as you stay on the alimdi site
alimdi-cookies-accepted    Persistent cookie confirms that you have accepted our Cookies 365 days

Please note: In order to be able to use all features of the alimdi website, you should accept our cookies on your PC, tablet or smartphone, because without the cookies "PHPSESSID" you cannot add any images, graphics and illustrations to the wish list or the shopping cart. Image search settings also cannot be saved. However, the simple image search is possible even without cookies.

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